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Businesses today need excellent information systems. That requires excellent IT people, and that in turn requires excellence in all aspects of IT people management. Hopefully, this site will help visitors to improve some aspects of their company's performance in this area. Please browse, and take our newsletter if you want regular updates on what is happening in this area.

AI and the IT worker And here's the News... Why AstraZeneca is insourcing its IT, legacy gets event more complicated... and more. Take a peek at our library: from diversity in IT to resource planning, our IT HR research provides comprehensive, actionable advice.

Diaz Research is unique in its focus on IT people and organization issues, policies and practices. Through research, events and advisory services large corporate IT functions can get the information and ideas that they need to make better decisions across IT employee, workforce and organization areas. We are completely independent and take no sponsorship or revenue from anyone other than those who directly use our services.

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