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Historically we tracked the latest developments - ideas, practices, trends - and published our conclusions to those who sponsored the work, i.e. the members of our IT People and Organization and IT HR Programmes. Research appeared in a range of formats, illustrated in the following links:

Analyst Notes: concise and actionable advice on specific topics Spotlight Papers: in-depth guidance Snapshot Research Reports: quantitative findings IT People & Organization Review: what to expect in the year ahead

For a listing of the areas covered, see the research library.

And informal, fast answers ...

It's not just about formal research. We have been able to help many companies to answer the urgent questions that they encounter. For example ... What is the typical span of control in IT functions these days?  How often do others review their standby and callout policies?  What are the big trends on global footprint?  What are typical policies on IT certifications?  How many companies have pay scales specific to IT?  How many companies use a communities of practice model?  Or have a resource manager role? What's the current level of recruitment into onshore locations?

QUICK INFORMATION EXCHANGES can get you a fast answer to questions like these. The exchanges are often followed up by teleconferences, or face-to-face OpenExchanges, or wider more in-depth research.

Do you need information and ideas about any topic?

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